"Adaptation is place and context specific, with no single approach for reducing risks appropriate across all settings (high confidence)." – Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


Are you, like many groups around the world, struggling with how to make climate adaptation a reality for your place and context? Approaching adaptation with a decision analytic eye can help to identify and overcome the decision and action impediments specific to your situation.


For example, many groups grappling with adaptation begin with climate science, assuming the impediment to decision making will be insufficient precision or certainty. In fact, the impediment may be unclear or conflicting objectives (should we treat species shifting their ranges in response to climate change as invaders?), differing risk tolerances among decision makers (how much should we spend on a species that models predict will go extinct because of climate change?), or even lack of clarity on who the decision makers are or what the decision is. Good science matters for good decisions, but it’s the process used to integrate that science into decision making that matters most (NRC 1996, 2009; Gregory et al 2006; Lovallo and Sibony 2010).


With experience in both climate change science and tools and the tools and best practices from decision analysis, our team provides an integrated approach to climate related decision making.


We have experience leading workshops and guiding organizations in climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning, addressing climate-related uncertainty in resource management decisions, and adapting conservation, planning, and resource management for a changing climate.

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