Structured Decisions offers facilitation and guidance services to managers making difficult resource decisions.


"Decision analysis is a formalization of common sense for decision problems that are too complex for informal use of common sense” – Ralph Keeney


We offer three services; natural resources decision analyses, facilitation, and as hearing officers.


Natural Resources Decision Analyses. Using the tenets of Structured Decision Making (SDM) we break complex problems into smaller, simpler decisions. The resulting recommendations, as well as how they are reached, are documented and clear to all. The process can be efficiently repeated as new information becomes available.


We sometimes use SDM in conjunction with the National Wildlife Federation's ClimateSmart process to aid groups at Federal, State and Regional levels developing climate adaptation plans and implementation.


Although SDM is commonly thought of as a way to address natural resource decisions it can be applied to workload, staffing, or any other decision with more than one attribute or concern.


Facilitation. We have formal training and many years of experience facilitating meetings on complex topics. These include endangered species, western water issues, multiple use of natural resources, personnel, and assisting entities in selecting focus areas when they face funding or staffing cuts, to name a few. Many meetings, particularly those dealing with controversial topics, benefit from having a neutral third party facilitator.


Facilitation goes beyond simply showing up and maintaining order. It also involves pre-meeting work to understanding the purpose and goals of the gathering and ensuring they remain the focus.


Hearing Officer. After attending and presenting to numerous public hearings we understood the process. Subsequently we have acted as a hearing officer and offer this service to our clients in formal processes requiring the service.